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All About Us

So where to start on this whirl wind journey to where we are today. I'll start at the very beginning where a family of 4 plus a couple of cats moved down to Cornwall from Buckinghamshire almost 30 years ago, living in a beautiful farmhouse with stunning views out to sea and endless country side, back then I didn't have a single creative bone in my body and wanted to be a zoo keeper or Indiana Jones.


Jump forward and I went down the child care route when I left school and worked in a number of local nurseries for 15 years, that's when the creative side of me came out, I loved it and seeing the children grow and develop, but after a troublesome year I decided I needed more time for family and we also got a Romanian rescue dog and they take up a lot of your spare time. My sister Hannah from Beau Nidol gave me the opportunity to change profession and work for her so that I was able to have the home, work life balance. So II took the leap and joined her and Mum Julie at Beau Nidol. I fell in love with the job, cutting glass, creating fused glass art, meeting people on workshops, where the regulars soon became friends, also talking with customers new and old, I loved it (I'm a talker) and the fact I could take my two children to school and walk the dog before work without getting up at an unsociable hour was just a game changer.

But the sister didn't stop there when it came to giving her big sister life changing opportunities. After a year at the shop she then through at me the opportunity of opening up a new unit where I, alongside Julie could have larger workshops, parties, children's workshops and much more to come. This meant she could then focus on the shop and doing what she does best, creating the most stunningly visual glass art (she's the artistic one), growing the shop and taking on more commissions.

So out of this Teylu (family in Cornish) Glass was born. I cant wait to go on this journey with you all and welcome back familiar faces and new faces.

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